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A Friendly & Personal

Ironing Service In Harrogate

Since 2013 Alison Naughton has been there for families and individuals alike, delivering quality ironing with a truly professional service. Everything is ironed at home using techniques learned over 40 years. No commercial press in sight!

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Door to Door Ironing

We offer a free collection and delivery service within 3 miles of Harrogate town centre. We'll pick up your clothes and return them beautifully pressed and always carefully protected.


All Ironed At Home

All your laundry is ironed at home by Alison, pressed by hand using a top quality iron and board. We use de-ionised water - better for sensitive skin & contains no impurities.
No chemicals. No starch... ever!


Our Ironing deliveries

We collect and deliver every weekday between 5:30pm - 6:30pm. We will keep you updated as to exactly when to expect us. Daytime collections are available upon request. Just ask!

Ironing is all about the prep

The way you store your washing after taking it out of the machine can help make ironing a breeze. When storing your freshly washed items before collection by Alison, we've got some handy tips that will help prevent crumpled, crispy and screwed-up laundry and ensure that your clothes come back immaculately pressed.

Ironing prep Tips
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Clothes ironed so well, they shine

Do you want your clothes to look their glittering best? Let us take care of your ironing and we're sure you'll love our attention to detail.

We pride ourselves on the quality and finish of our ironing. We've got a hankering for ensuring pleats, frills and folds are perfect and any creases are all in the right places!

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Ironing Tips & FAQs

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Do I need to provide anything with my ironing?

Not unless you want to! All we need is your ironing, folded, in a laundry basket or bag. The big blue IKEA bags are a customer favourite and perfect for keeping your bedding immaculate after ironing.

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How many items will I fit in 3 kg?

Based on the law of averages, you’ll find 3 kg would be a king size duvet cover, king size sheet & 4 pillow cases. You will probably be able to fit a few t-shirts and a couple of tea towels in! It’s not a scientific measurement so don’t hold us to it.

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How will my ironing be returned?

All shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, jackets and formal trousers are on hangers with protective covers. Everything else is folded and popped back into your bag or basket.

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How can I stop my bedding being so creased?

Don't overload your washing machine - ideally one bedding set at a time. The same goes for your tumble dryer. Select a lower spin speed (around 800rpm) and always shake items after washing – creases fall out easier when things are wet! Do not over-dry and always fold carefully straight away.

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preparing washing for perfect ironing results

Always fold your washing after drying, smoothing down the fabric and ideally leaving garments very slightly damp – the fibres will relax and magically erase stubborn creases! Taking a little time here will save a lot of time in the long run!

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How long should I leave between washing and ironing?

For the best results, we recommend that your freshly washed laundry is ironed within 24 hours, however the most important thing is to ensure your washing is not over dried. Avoid extreme sunlight & high heat tumble-drying and always fold neatly before storing.

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