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Founder of Pressed

Meet Alison

Founded in 2013 by Alison Naughton, a purveyor of ironing, cooking, baking and all things homely! Alison is a mother of 2 grown up sons who both live in Harrogate and still get Mum to do their ironing. The only difference being, they now get an invoice on the return of their laundry!

“Having an active household with oodles of washing for many years, I’ve done more than my fair share of ironing and over the years have perfected the ironing of shirts & bed linen to a fine art”

Alison Naughton
Folded ironing bed sheets

Ironing is second nature

“I use a top quality iron and ironing board and have years of experience doing the laundry for a household full of boys, developing my own technique . You will love the way I fold my laundry!”.

The mission of Pressed is to provide the best ironing service in Harrogate, with fair prices and a friendly, personal approach. There’s no commercial press in sight here, just a quality iron along with old-fashioned techniques learned by Alison from years of ironing for her family. Alison prides herself on her ability to iron mens shirts, bed linen and ladies blouses to perfection, every time. All you have to do is prepare your laundry, load your basket and hand your washing over. You’ll be returned with beautifully pressed ironing within 72 hours!

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